The Resurgence of Chip Design

The Resurgence of Chip Design

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Over the course of the last decade, many technologists claimed that in the future, the most important part of a new product would be software, not the underlying hardware. Hardware would be a commodity. Everyone would write unique software on top of off the shelf hardware to create a value add. The relevance of chip design, and career prospects for chip designers would be limited.

But what actually happened was quite different. Large technology firms have hired ever-growing teams of engineers to design the custom chips critical to the success of their upcoming products. Building your own ASIC is often the only way to reach the desired power, performance, and cost goals.

The DVCon 2012 Industry Leaders Panel will focus on better understanding the trends driving this resurgence.


Ted Vucurevich - CEO of Enconcert
John Costello - VP of IC Design at Altera
Gary Smith - Founder and Chief Analyst at Gary Smith EDA
Jim Hogan - Founding Partner at Vista Ventures LLC
Victoria Coleman - VP, Emerging Platforms at Nokia